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My name is James or CockersGaming. I am a Developer with many skills.
I am a First Year student studying a BSc(hons) in Software Engineering in the UK.
I enjoy learning new Programming languages, frameworks, technologies, etc...
I have very good customer service skills which help me to make customized websites for you!

Programming Languages I Know:

  • C#: 3 years of Experience

  • PHP: 2 years of Experience

  • SQL: 2 years of Experience

  • Laravel: 1 year of Experience

  • HTML: 2 years of Experience

  • CSS: 2 years of Experience

  • Java Script: Less than 1 year of Experience

  • HTML: 2 years of Experience

  • Java: Less than 1 year of Experience

  • GML: Less than 1 year of Experience

  • Python: Less than 1 year of Experience

Epilepsy Event Logo

Epilepsy Event

The event is to raise awareness of Epilepsy and also to raise money, by having a yearly gaming event, to donate to epilepsy action



This event is to raise money for selected charities by having a yearly gaming event.


Infinite Truckers (IFMP)

IFMP is a new multiplayer client for Euro Truck Simulator 2. This is a past project as I was removed from the dev team in January 2020 due to "Lack of Experience".

QUB Logo

Queens University Marine Biology System

This project was a part of an IT Bursary which I did in the summer of 2018. This was also my first website/system. Due to confidentiality I cannot share a link to this project.

SFM Logo


SimulatorHits is an online based radio station for Simulator Games & more. With Live DJ's, great mix of music and an active and friendly community its a good place to chill to music and to meet great people!

SFM Logo

JD Logistics TMP VTC

JDLogistics is a VTC (Virtual Trucking Company) in Euro Truck Sim 2 and American Truck Sim. They are a friendly gaming community. I designed their site from a basic template using Bootstrap and I am currently creating their admin panel.

My Services



Hello. I am the CEO and the Web Developer at ProgramOnce.

I started ProgramOnce because I felt like for some individuals, communities and businesses it can be hard to get a website up and running.

I offer to make a customized website, host websites and also to sell domains, and security features for your site.




Cockers is a dedicated team player who does his best at any task given to him. He is quick to act upon last minute changes without a fuss.



For the short time I have known James he has shown his skills and talent to perfection. He can complete any task put in front of him and won't stop until complete.